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“You gave me the courage to fight for my children and not feel so alone. It’s been a blessing to have found the blueprint to reclaiming my life.”

Matt M., Texas

About Chris Piper

I am a father and shared parenting advocate who’s passionate about helping fathers not just survive, but thrive while going through their divorce or child custody battles. 

I have only one goal: to make you better off than you were before you met me so that you can continue to be an active dad in your child’s life without spending excessive amounts on attorneys, wasting your time with petty arguments, or looking like a fool in front of your Judge, hurting your chances of winning your custody case. 

Maybe you just finished going through a nasty separation and don’t know how you start piecing your life back together. 

Or you’re wanting to spend more time with your kid. 

Perhaps you want to protect yourself from future court battles and get some normalcy back in your life. 

I’ve been through all that, and much more. I’ve learned a ton along the way and I’d love to help you on your journey.

What People Say About Chris ...

Chris provides fluff-free, straightforward advice on how to best position yourself in your custody case. His advice helped me get my kids back

Kevin D., Mayland

Use your lawyer to make sure you’re following the law. Use your therapist to vent and cry. Then use Chris and Custody Corps so you can get the guidance and accountability you need to get through the darkness.

Adam C., Florida

You need 3 people to successfully win a custody case. 1) Yourself. 2) Your attorney. 3) Chris Piper. Having him in my corner was the ultimate hack to seeing this through to the end.

Adrian K., Colorado

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